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How to Make Cold Brew Iced Tea With Tea Bags

We recommend to all of our customers that if they brew a single cup of hot Embrew tea and don't re-steep the bag for another cup, then place the used tea bag in a tall glass (16-20oz) and refrigerate over night (8-12 hours) for the best cold brew iced tea on the planet.  

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5 Amazing Cold Brew Tea Cocktails

When craft bourbon and small batch vodka meet artisan tea, beautiful (and tasty) things happen. Shortly after we discovered smoked sugar and blended it to make our Bourbon Smoked White tea, the lightbulb went off that craft tea cocktails would be a natural next step.  We spent this past weekend doing our fair share of R&D to perfect the tea cocktail recipe and method. Luckily we could still take a clear, in-focus photo of the process. There are a few methods in creating cocktails and since it's still not cool out, we decided to focus on the cold brew method and make iced beverages. Our next iteration will likely be hot toddies.  How to Flavor Bourbon and Vodka with Tea Gather all...

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We Have Re-Steepable Tea Bags

Unlike grocery store tea bags with shredded and powdered tea leaves, we source long leaf or large cut, loose leaf grade tea in our bags. Because we use high quality tea leaves, the bags can be steeped multiple times for rich flavor in the second and third cup.  We like to reuse our bags for multiple cups of tea in a few ways and here are the methods: Hot Tea - 2-3 Consecutive Steeps Follow the brew instructions on the front of the tea pouch for your first cup and remove the bag.  Drink the perfectly sweetened cup of hot tea all the way to the last drop. Place the bag back in the cup and pour hot water (slightly hotter than the brew instructions)...

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