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Meet the Grower: Victor's Lavender

Embrew is dedicated to shortening the supply chain and being as knowledgeable as we can about the source of our products so that we can share the stories of the people who have a hand in helping grow and process them. So, it was my pleasure to interview the man at the source of one main ingredient in our Lavender Chamomile Kick, Mr. Victor Gonzalez, the owner of Victor’s Lavender in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley of Washington State.

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How We Launched a Tea Business

I've had so much to write about the process of starting a new business, but I've neglected to do so until now. I don't like to say that I haven't had time, because everyone has the same amount of time in the day, it is how the time is prioritized that decides if something gets done or not. So, I haven't prioritized it over all of the more pressing pieces of getting a site launched and more so, a business.  I have been comparing the process of starting Embrew to becoming pregnant and growing a baby for 10 months. This baby is getting big and uncomfortable, there are painful things I've never experienced before and I'm the happiest, craziest, most-frustrated and...

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