5 Flavor Sweetened Tea Bag Variety Pack
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5 Flavor Variety Pack of Sweetened Artisan Tea Bags

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This is the perfect taster flight of our 5 original tea blends in one awesome pack together. Each tea is paired with a touch of craft sweetener already in the bag. You get 2 sweetened tea bags of each flavor: Amber Black Maple, Bourbon Smoked White, Creamy Honey Oolong, Lavender Chamomile Kick and Steamed Honey Green.

Brew Instructions:

Amber Black Maple:

10-12oz Water
195°F 3-5 minutes


Bourbon Smoked White:

10-12oz Water
185°F 3 minutes


Creamy Honey Oolong:

10-12oz Water
3 minutes


Lavender Chamomile Kick:

10-12oz Water
212°F 6-8 minutes


Steamed Honey Green:

10-12oz Water
175°F 3-4 minutes

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