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3 Refreshing Summer Peach Rooibos Tea Cocktails

Two Summer Peach Rooibos Sweetened Herbal Tea cocktails on a counter.


We are more than half way through summer and fast approaching the start of the school year, which is guaranteed to be the most stressful one to date with all the Covid-19 weirdness. To keep summer going as long as possible, we've pulled together three refreshing, creative summer cocktails using our Summer Peach Rooibos

The Embrew mission includes finding and sharing the fastest, easiest, and most delicious tea possible so all of you can have your tea no matter what your day (or night) looks like. This includes refreshing night and weekend spiked teas that are already lightly sweetened, serving as the perfect mixer for summer cocktails. 

Summer Peach Rooibos Tea Mixer Preparation Methods

1. The Fastest Method: You want your cocktail as close to now as possible, but you don't want to sacrifice flavor. Let's prepare a strong portion of hot-brewed tea and then chill it for a summer cocktail mixer. The instructions below are for one serving, so feel free to multiply for additional mixer to have on hand.

An electric tea kettle, a pouch of Embrew tea, some flowers, a glass of water, and a mug sit on a counter.
What You Need:
  • 2 Embrew Summer Peach Rooibos tea bags (there's already a little bit of raw organic cane sugar inside, yay!)
  • 16oz of filtered water
  • A tea kettle or way to boil water (microwave or stove works too, just don't microwave that tea bag!)
  • A temporary brewing vessel, a tea mug works fine for this. (I used an insulated travel tumbler because herbal teas need to brew at a consistent temperature of 212, if possible for best flavor.)

How to brew:

A temperature controlled electric tea kettle.

A person pours boiling water into a travel mug containing two tea bags.

  1.  Place tea bag in your mug and pour boiling water over it (we use a temperature controlled tea kettle like these).
  2. Brew extra long, we recommend 10-12 min and then remove the tea bag and discard.
  3. Allow brew to chill. Our favorite ways to help cool the tea is to use an ice bath, pour the hot mixture into a bowl from the freezer or frozen whiskey stones, but don't use ice in the mug or it will water down the mix.


2. The Easiest Method: You're already thinking about the weekend and want to have summer cocktails made with refreshing peach tea in the next couple of days, so you spend 2 minutes prepping the tea mixer using the cold brew method.

A large jar of water sits in the fridge with a handful of Embrew tea bags inside to make cold brew.
What You Need:
  • 2 Embrew Summer Peach Rooibos tea bag 
  • A 20-24oz cup or jar full of room-temperature filtered water
  • That's literally it. Oh, and time.
How to Brew:
  1. Place a single tea bag in the jar/cup of water
  2. Put the jar/cup in the fridge and allow to steep for 12-18 hours.
Once you have the tea brewed using one of the above methods, you can start mixing. We tried a few different tea cocktails and highly recommend sipping them by the pool, at the beach or in a hammock for best flavor.
A person holds a glass of cold brew iced tea while lounging on a raft in a pool.


Summer Cocktail Recipes Using Peach Tea

A person holds a glass of Summer Peach Rooibos cold brew made from Embrew's seasonal blend.

1. The Peachy Bourbon

What you need:
A bottle of liquor beside a ripe peach, a tea kettle, and a handful of herbs.


  • 1.5oz of your favorite Bourbon (I used Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon)
  • 4 oz Summer Peach Rooibos tea mixer (preparation methods above)
  • Ice
  • Slim rocks glass
  • Fresh peach slice
  • Sprig of fresh thyme
  • Long spoon or stirrer


How to prepare:

  • Fill your glass with ice 3/4 full
  • Pour in 2oz of tea mixer
  • Pour in 1.5oz Noble Oak - Double Oak Bourbon
  • Pour in remainder of tea mixture to fill the glass (roughly 2oz)
  • Stir to combine
  • Garnish with peach slice and fresh thyme



    Italian Peach Bellini Tea Cocktail

    2. Italian Peach Bellini

    What You Need:
    A dish full of apple pieces sits on a counter next to two beverage glasses, a bottle of wine, and a blender.
    • 1 ripe peach, pit removed, peeled and quartered. 
    • 16oz Summer Peach Rooibos tea mixer (prep above)
    • 1 750 ml bottle of chilled Prosecco/sparkling wine or a seltzer if you want a mocktail.
    • Raspberry liqueur or berry juice – optional

    A person puts a handful of raspberries and grapes into a juicer.
    A blender mixes up an eggnog drink on a countertop.
    Two refreshing tea cocktails made from Embrew's Summer Peach Rooibos blend sit on a counter beside a bottle of wine.

    How to prepare:

    • Just 6oz of fresh raspberries and a couple of bunches of fresh grapes, if you're not using the liquor.
    • Place peach and Summer Peach Rooibos tea mixer into a blender and gradually increase speed until you reach high and blend for 30 seconds until smooth.
    • Chill puree for at least 2 hours or overnight.
    • Fill each glass half full with peach puree and slowly fill with Prosecco being cautious that it doesn't bubble over. Add a splash of raspberry liqueur and garnish with a thin peach slice and fresh sprig of thyme.



    Peach Tea Rum Cocktail

    3. Peach Tea Rum Cocktail

    What You Need:

    Two lemons sit on a plate beside a teaspoon, a glass of rum, and a tea kettle.
    • 16oz Summer Peach Rooibos tea mixer (prep above)
    • A bottle of your favorite dark rum
    • Juice from 2 fresh lemons
    • 1 ripe peach, thinly sliced for garnish
    • Several sprigs of fresh peppermint for garnish
    • Slim rocks glass
    • Cocktail ice cubes
    How to prepare:
    • Fill each glass with ice 3/4 full.
    • In each glass, mix 1oz of dark rum, 1 Tbs of lemon juice, and fill the remainder of the glass with Summer Peach Rooibos tea.
    • Stir well and garnish with a peach and mint sprig.


    Whether you’re a casual sipper or sophisticated drinker, there’s something for everyone in this list of refreshing summer cocktails. If you’re looking to carry your love for tea-infused mixed drinks into every season, check out our blog for 5 amazing cold brew tea cocktails for additional inspiration. And of course, we know the kids always want to try what you’re having, but this time they can’t—so, grab some cold brew tea bags that you can steep just for them. Or, shop our assortment of tea for kids if you need some great herbal and caffeine-free recommendations.