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Embrew Tea Blog

  • The Undeniable Benefits of Black Tea

    With benefits so bold, you’ll be begging for more. Cheers to a classic black tea. Learn more about its history, types, caffeine content & more.
  • Cozy Chai - A Brief History and Two Chai Latte Recipes.

    Wondering what chai tea has to offer? Check out a bit about its long history and origin, its health benefits, and even snag two new chai tea latte recipes.
  • 3 Simple Boba Tea Recipes

    Wondering how to make your own boba tea at home? Well, now you can—follow our simple recipes using our artisan, lightly pre-sweetened tea bags.
  • How to Brew Tea with Sweeteners

    Learn about the all-natural sweeteners we use in our lightly pre-sweetened tea bags, and see how flavor profiles and combinations can impact your tea experience.
  • Staying Healthy on the Go with Green Tea

    There are so many benefits of drinking green tea—and, for any fellow nerds out there, it’s steeped in rich history. Learn more about what green tea has to offer.
  • Easy Vegan EggNog Recipe Infused with Cinnamon Oolong Chai

    A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany that even though I despise the thought of drinking raw eggs and have never liked true egg nog, there had to be a way to made a version without eggs and that I could make a holiday drink creation with using the Cinnamon Oolong Chai tea. Check out the recipes.
  • DIY Ornament Ideas Using Layered Tea

    I took inspiration from other DIY glass ornament projects like the 'melted snowman' and 'glitter glue' ornaments and added my love for tea to create layered tea Christmas Ornaments. They are super-easy to make and helps you get rid of your extra-old tea stash that's been sitting in a box all year.
  • Cinnamon Oolong Chai Infused Maple Syrup Caramel Sauce

    Mama Emma created a recipe with her chef husband that perfectly infused the sharp cinnamon and early oolong flavor of our Cinnamon Oolong Chai sweetened tea bags into a beautiful maple caramel sauce to top everything from pancakes to a waffle bowl or even peach ice cream!
  • 3 Refreshing Summer Peach Rooibos Tea Cocktails

      We are more than half way through summer and fast approaching the start of the school year, which is guaranteed to be the most stressful one to ...
  • The Secret To Perfect Hot-Brewed Tea: Preheat Your Cup

      We preheat ovens to make sure we bake at a consistent temperature and the same methodology applies to crafting the perfect cup of hot brewed tea...
  • Tea for Kids: Top 5 Reasons to Have Tea Time with Them

    Here are our Top 5 reasons to share tea time with our kids, but first a common sense warning:  **Beware of the caffeine content in the tea you're ...
  • Things We Love: Three of the Best Electric Tea Kettles

    In the spirit of celebrating love for the month of February, we thought that we would introduce three electric kettles that we absolutely love and recommend.  We are always trying to streamline our habitual tea making process without compromising the flavors and benefits, so over the course of some time now we have been using three different kettles, one electric kettle we’ll call Bella, a second temperature controlled electric kettle we’ll call Bonavita, and the final Willsence Gooseneck Temperature Control Kettle