The Embrew Story

Embrew Sweetened Tea Bags - Our Benefits
artisan tea with craft sweetener

A perfect pairing of artisan tea and natural craft sweetener

10 years ago our founder went looking for a bagged tea with sugar inside, but year after year it never showed up. Why isn't anyone putting sugar inside their tea bag products? For years we thought about it, then forgot, then thought about it some more. We decided to stop waiting on someone else to make a tea bag with sugar inside. 

The motivation behind the creation of this product was driven by our laziness. Yes, pulling out that extra container of sugar and a spoon got annoying. Truthfully, we like things simple, especially when it just makes sense. When you’re making a cup of tea, why not brew all in one step? For years we were expecting someone to come out with a sweetened tea bag, and yes some do exist for pitchers of sweet tea, it's still hard, if not impossible to find single-serve bags with sweetener in them. 

Our products are combined with a touch of smoked demerara sugar, granulated maple, honey granules or organic sugar to bring the cup to life. We blend the products ourselves and take pride in maintaining the integrity of the quality, whether it's our green oolong from Taiwan or our black tea from Indonesia, we treat the ingredients with care.

Responsible Sourcing

We source our teas from different farms all over the world. The world is a huge place, but by buying directly from growers who we know by name, we’ve brought the human connection back into the process. Buying Direct-Trade products allows us transparency into the supply chain and ensure the farmers are respecting the land, the plants and the people working hard to make a living. This means our customers have visibility as well so you can feel good about the farms you're supporting.

How is this different from the other tea products? The majority of the growers who aren’t part of a Fair Trade Coop or selling directly to the manufacturer only receive about 10-15% of the money customers pay for the product, sometimes even less. This is because there are multiple hands buying and selling the raw materials through a long, cumbersome supply chain that drives up the prices and drives down the portion paid to the farmers.

high quality tea bags with craft sweetener

It matters what's in the bag. 

Most companies boast high-quality tea, but as we all know, it’s certainly a matter of taste.

Here’s what we DON'T do:  

1) We DON'T used overly processed, shredded, low-quality tea leaves. 
2) We DON'T buy our products only knowing the country of origin where farming practices may be questionable for the environment or for human consumption.
3) We DON'T used bleached brew bags.

We DO use high-quality tea leaves from growers with careful farming practices and use all compostable or biodegradable packaging.