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Tea for Kids: Top 5 Reasons to Have Tea Time with Them

Here are our Top 5 reasons to share tea time with our kids, but first a common sense warning: 

**Beware of the caffeine content in the tea you're serving to your child. It's best to stick with herbals that are naturally caffeine free, or a small amount of caffeinated teas that are lightly steeped. Not sure where to start looking? Shop our curated collection of tea for kids for a few recommendations. 

Here we go...

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1. 🕰️ QUALITY TIME - With hectic schedules, we often let the time with our children slip away from us. Dedicating tea time in our family routines allows us to connect intentionally and fully focus on each other.

Our favorite time to indulge in tea for kids is around morning snack time (10am) on the weekends or any day the kids are at home. It makes snack time more about time together than just making sure our littles don't get hangry. We talk about ourselves, our opinions, why we feel certain ways and reflect on emotions we've felt recently and the appropriate ways to handle big feelings. But don't worry, we get silly at tea time too, like when our littlest asks about our wedding and if he has to get married (kissing is gross!). 

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2. 🍃HEALTH BENEFITS - This goes without saying, but both herbal and traditional tea for kids (or anyone for that matter) have thousands and thousands of health benefits from helping to eliminate free radicals in the body, lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, curbing upset stomachs, and the list goes on and on. 

**Nerd Alert ---> The beneficial effects of tea (especially green tea) has been attributed to the presence of high amounts of polyphenols (AKA catechins), which are potent antioxidants. Antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals, which occur when oxygen in the body splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons. Electrons like to be in pairs, so these atoms, called free radicals, scavenge the body to seek out other electrons so they can become a pair. This causes damage to cells, proteins and DNA (*see Live Science article here for reference). Green tea is especially high in a compound called EGCG, which has been studied and shows it may lower blood pressure and thus reduce the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease (and others).

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3. 🔭 EXPLORING NEW FLAVORS - beverage options for kids have long been influenced by big drink companies that put 40+ grams of sugar in drinks. Tea for kids is a great way to control the sweetener and help them appreciate flavors that aren't soaked in sugar. Embrew's tea for kids is already lightly sweetened, so there's no worry of them dumping too much sugar in their cup. 

With the thousands of different herbs and teas the world has to offer, there are an infinite amount of blends and even the pickiest of kids can find a blend they like or, even better, create themselves. If you're making your own tea blends, we typically recommend keeping the total amount of tea to 2tsp per 12oz of water and no more than 1tsp of sweetener (definitely less for sweeter ingredients like maple or monk fruit). 

Giving your young child the ability to be creative with their tea time is a wonderful bridge to teaching them how to pair flavors together that will easily translate into food for them down the road when they get older.  

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4. 🐢 SLOWING DOWN - If you have active kids in the house, tea for kids can be especially helpful in creating quiet time and calming the mind. When you teach your kids to slow down, they are able to appreciate the moment and take that critical skill forward in their lives.

Mindful stillness is beneficial at any age, but especially in little ones. Even just a few moments of silence can offer them big rewards that can help them improve their ability to pay attention, to calm down when they are upset, have more compassion for themselves and others, as well as make better decisions (*Here's a great article from Huffpost on specific exercises of mindfulness with kids). 

A brilliant way to activate mindfulness in kids that love superheroes is this Spidey-sense activation exercise

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5. 👩🏽‍🏫 LEARNING NEW THINGS - From preparing tea for kids, to understanding boiling point, they can learn many skills by being included in the process of getting tea ready and cleaning up. For example, they can hone their fine motor skills by pouring a hot kettle carefully, taking water temperature and stirring in honey, just to name a few.

These are just a few of ours, but tell us your reasons for enjoying tea for kids by posting on Instagram and tagging us @embrewtea .

Oh and one more thing, how cute is Blake? She's not ours, but we're digging her messy top pony and careful tea sipping and pouring skills.

A toddler girl sits in a highchair playing with two small blue teacups.

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