Two Electric Tea Kettles That We Love

In the spirit of celebrating love for the month of February, we thought that we would introduce two electric kettles that we absolutely love and recommend.  We are always trying to streamline our habitual tea making process without compromising the flavors and benefits, so over the course of some time now we have been using two different kettles, one electric kettle we’ll call Bella, and a second temperature controlled electric kettle we’ll call Bonavita.  

Both electric kettles are pleasing to the eye in different ways.  Bella is more traditional and Bonavita is more modern. They both are moderately priced at $40 for Bella and $45 for Bonavita.  They are both around 1 L and have some serious perks including boiling water nearly twice as fast as conventional kettles. They both have auto shut offs and don’t emit a lot of heat.  The obvious main difference of the Bonavita is that it has temperature controls so you will not need an extra thermometer gauge to set or check the temperature.  

 Bella electric tea kettle review

Bella Electric Tea Kettle 1.2 L

Bella is a full body ceramic kettle that delivers great tasting water free of metallic tastes.  She is a great kitchen- to- table entertaining piece. The design is timeless and she comes in a variety of patterns.  Mine is the white and cobalt blue pattern that has an Aztec design and compliments my kitchen nicely.

The kettle has a long neck spout for controlled speed pours.  The simple on/off switch goes from cool to boiling in just a few minutes.  I personally like how easy it is to flick the switch and walk away and brush my teeth in the morning and then hen, when I return, I continue my routine.  The pour base is fully detachable for an easy-to-use design and it has an auto shut- off for safety. The cord is plenty long to reach your outlet even if it’s not nearby.  It is very easy to clean. I have large hands and I can get my whole hand inside while holding a sponge.

The downside to the Bella is that, because it is ceramic, it is possible to chip the lid. (I’m saying this based on experience) or possibly hit the neck on your sink when cleaning and break it clean off.  (Also happened to me!). But I love this kettle so much that I went out and bought the exact same one again. She is so pretty and I get many compliments on her just sitting on my counter. Several friends have run out and bought the exact same one.

Bonavita kettle review

Bonavita Digital Variable Temperature Kettle 1L

As far as design goes the Bonavita kettle is a beauty with its slender gooseneck design that helps aid in controlled pour with a fine even stream.  The Bonavita’s digital control panel is intuitive to use and you can easily set temperatures from 140 F to 212 F. This really comes in handy when you like different types of tea because different teas taste better with different temperatures.  All our teas have the suggested temperature printed right on the package so that you don’t have to try to remember. 

The Bonavita has a hold setting that maintains the water temperature for one hour.  I have used this feature many times while entertaining because I wasn’t sure when people might be ready for tea/coffee.  The cord on the base is kind of short which may be annoying if your outlets are few and far between. One downside is that it takes 7 minutes until it reaches 212F.  This is one of the longer waiting times that I have heard about as far as electric tea kettles go, but the readings are spot on when tested with a temperature gauge. Also, worth mentioning is that the kettle is stable and quiet as it boils.

As far as cleaning goes, like I said I have large hands and I cannot get my hand inside the kettle but no big deal because I just bought a little scrub brush.  The upside is that the material is brushed stainless steel so it won’t chip and break like the Bella. So, I’ve only purchased one of these and it has held up well.  Even when it was dropped by accident.  

Embrew kettle review 2020

You may be thinking that electric tea kettles are luxury items, but I am here to tell you that once you have one you will wonder how you have lived without one in your life before.  

We’re hoping to make your life simpler by giving you two really great tea kettles to choose from.  Based on what your specific preferences are, both would be a wise purchase. In summary, the Bella is traditional, pretty for entertaining, easy to clean, has a fast boil and simple to use.  The Bonavita is modern, has a sleek pour spout, and has accurate temperature control functions. We love both!