How to Make Cold Brew Iced Tea With Tea Bags

Creamy Honey Oolong Cold Brew Iced Tea

Cold Brew Iced Tea Instructions

We'll get right to the point. Cold brew iced tea is the easiest method to make iced tea, but certainly not the fastest. If you're in a time crunch, by all means, brew up a cup of extra strong tea (less water, more tea, NOT MORE TIME or it will be bitter) and pour over a glass of ice. But, if you're thinking ahead, cold brew iced tea will become your go-to. Why? Keep on reading below, but for now, we'll share the Embrew method, which is geared toward our specific tea bag formulations.

We recommend to all of our customers that if they brew a single cup of hot Embrew tea and don't re-steep the bag for another cup, then place the used tea bag in a tall glass (16-20oz) and refrigerate over night (8-12 hours) for the cold brew. Add some extra sweetener like simple syrup, agave or sugar and stir it after it's done brewing . Our tea bags are formulated for a larger cup so that you can get multiple uses out of one bag.

8-12 hours is the sweet spot for cold brew time. Anything over that seems to bring forward a slight bitterness that we are trying to avoid with this brew method. 

 Steamed Honey Green Lightly Sweetened Tea Bags

Why Cold Brew Your Iced Tea?

It's just so dang easy! The concept of a sweetened tea bag with the sweetener already inside was created by us so that you don't have to add anything yourself. With cold brewed, sweetened tea bags, it just couldn't get any more efficient. 

Another reason is that the taste is much smoother with less bitterness since the tannins that are normally released with hot brewing methods are much less prevalent in cold brew. It's really hard to mess up a cold brew iced tea, so play around with what you like best. You can't go wrong.

Amber Black Maple Cold Brew Iced Tea

The Best Tea Bags For Iced Tea

There are a lot of great blends for iced tea, but we certainly have a preference on what we think tastes better compared to the hot brewed cup. Some flavors stand out when they are warm and fade into the background when iced, revealing new lovely and subtle flavors. Our favorite Embrew tea bags for iced tea are:

  • Amber Black Maple: the mild, smooth flavors of the Indian black tea give a bright summery taste backed by the subtle addition of granulated maple. This is a very lightly sweetened blend for those who can't handle the overly sweetened southern sweet tea (bleck!). 
  • Steamed Honey Green: cold brewed green tea is some of the best flavor you can get out of this variety. There's no major risk in ruining your brew with scalding hot water or too long of a steep time. Brewing in the refrigerator brings out many of the floral and grassy notes of this delicate African green tea from Malawi. 
  • Creamy Honey Oolong: If you haven't tried an iced oolong, you must! This particular oolong is on the green side, so has a natural creaminess to it that is a total crowd-pleaser. The honey in this blend adds a light sweetness to the buttery texture and goes with a variety of summer cookout foods like tomato cucumber salad, shrimp kebobs and especially grilled corn on the cob. 
  • Strawberry Yaupon Hops: Our Spring seasonal, when in stock, is perfect iced. A recent customer review said it best: "This tea is delicious! It’s not too strong and gives you just the right amount of strawberry. Not the sugary fake strawberry flavor, but an earthy natural flavor. I love the smell! Takes me back to when I would U-Pick strawberries as a kid!" - Andria
  • Summer Peach Rooibos: Our Summer seasonal, available during the hot months, makes an awesome iced tea and has no caffeine. The peach flavor is subtle and makes a perfect cold-brew option to sip on poolside.