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Tea Season Is In Full Swing and We Have Some Updates For You



We have been busy the past few months preparing for prime tea season and now it's here! We're making more tea than ever and for the first time are having trouble keeping stock in all flavors, which is a good thing! We have new methods and processes helping to streamline our manufacturing since we are in new stores, restaurants and spas now. 

We love this time of year for several reasons, but specifically because it's when we release new flavors. Our video update walks you through our two newest tea blends:

  1. Cinnamon Oolong Chai - We love chai and it has been our most requested flavor so we've been sampling and tasting and blending and brewing all kinds of options. To put a twist on our blend and make it unique, we decided to use a dark oolong as a base instead of the traditional black tea. The result is more delicate and bright with plenty of tea taste under the chai spices. The blend is cinnamon-forward (who doesn't love extra cinnamon?) with other spice notes coming from the cloves, cardamom, black pepper, chicory and cocoa nibs. This one is a must-try for the winter!
  2. Panela Green Rooibos - Similar to the well-known red rooibos, we found a green (unoxidized) version of the South African bush that we all know and love. This blend is totally herbal and caffeine free, which is perfect for evening time or if you have a sensitivity to caffeine. We've blended the rooibos with a raw sugar cane product called panela or jaggery powder, which has the molasses still in tact which leaves a nice rich, earthy flavor. 

We're glad to be growing and sharing our sweetened tea bags with the Tampa Bay area with our customers reaching further and further outside the area.

Happy holidays!