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Embrew Ambassador Program

Girl excited cheering and drinking a glass of tea in comfy clothes

Yay! You love tea like I do.

Now let's build the awesome-ist high-end, lightly-sweetened, tea bag company out there.

Together. You and me.

Blonde woman pointing to social media post of a woman in a white robe drinking tea

Ready to apply to be an ambassador? Read on.

My little tea business wouldn't be where it is today with all of my customers sharing their favorite Embrew blends on social media, inviting their besties over for tea, giving Variety Packs as gifts, or discreetly sending their Secret Santa a pack. 

Thank you!

I want to give my thanks in a bigger way by building a program that rewards you for spreading the love of our sophisticated teas that are thoughtfully sweetened.

For the first time, I've created an ambassador program that lasts six month cycles and gives 10 chosen partners access to big discounts and ways to earn free tea. 

Read on to learn more and apply. I can't wait to join forces with you.


So, what exactly does an ambassador do?


For a period of 6 months, either April — September or October — March:

1. Get access to a 40% discount code for you to buy tea at

2. Commit to spreading the word about Embrew on social media by posting about your normal life as it includes drinking Embrew tea for a 6-month period, 4x per month in your feed and stories, and tagging @embrewtea.

3. Share a personalized coupon code with your friends and family so they can save 20% on their first order.

4. Earn a 10% commission on all orders made with your shared friends and family coupon code, which will be in the form of a website credit at

5. Drink more tea!

I'd love to hear about your ideas on how you would promote Embrew Tea and what makes you excited about being an ambassador.