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Embrew Secret Santa

holiday greenery with tea mug and cookies on a white plate

Be someone's secret Santa and watch their reaction on Instagram.

There are only a few days left before the shipping deadline for packages to arrive by 12/24—and we're playing Secret Santa!

If you send someone Embrew tea directly to them and buy with code SECRETSANTA at checkout, you'll save 20%.

AND we will ship without a packing slip, give them a card with a message that they have a Secret Santa, and ask them to post their gift on Instagram with a message back to you.

Fun, right?!

All orders using code SECRETSANTA from now through Monday, Dec 18th (expedited shipping required after 12/15).

You guys have always been so giving, I can't WAIT to see their faces when they get their tea!

Don't forget to follow #embrewsecretsanta in the Search tab on IG to find all the reactions.