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Embrew Tea Black Friday Coupon Code

holiday greenery with tea mug and cookies on a white plate

Are you ready to gorge on food AND check off that holiday gift list? 

{skip the fun story and get those coupon codes}
I know I am.

With a cup of tea in hand, that is. 🍵

I'm a planner when it comes to the holidays. 📝
It just makes it easier for me to have ideas ready, schedules mapped out, food prepped, gift lists made, and activities planned. That way it all flows (mostly) the way I want it to. 

Then I get stressed. 😅 I realize there's too much. 🤬

Happens every year.  

🚫 Did I remember to get teacher gifts? ... 🚫 Oh no, I forgot about my son's chorus concert coming up, which overlaps with the dentist appointment I've been trying to get for weeks... 🚫 And the local production of Elf that I wanted to go to is now sold out... Crap.  

The weeks fly by and I'm in a crunch to get some final gifts ordered before the shipping cutoff (which is earlier this year than it's EVER been). 

So, I'm trying to do better. I'm hoping to get almost all the gifts bought before December. Then the stress will just be to wrap boxes before the kids find them stashed away. And try to scalp some Elf tickets🧝. 

You'll do better this year too, friend. I just know it. Let's get one thing checked off together: 

✅ Really awesome-tasting, easy-as-pumpkin-pie ('cause apple is actually kinda hard), high-end tea in compostable packaging for your tea-loving best friend / mom / grandson / boss.

Here's how to save when you check that tea-lover off your list:


Save 15% on orders $25+

Save 20% on orders $40+

Save 25% on orders $60+


*Offer expires 11/26 at 11:59pm ET.